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Staged Homes New Jersey
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by Jennifer on Staged Homes New Jersey

"Hi Gail, Thanks for the photos. The staging turned out great. I'll keep you posted on the progress. It has been a pleasure to work with you and Deb. The pictures are wonderful, and I will update my listing with some new photos. "


by Rayna on Staged Homes New Jersey

"Hi Gail and Deb, You are both so awesome. It is hard to believe how much you have changed my house in a few short weeks! I look forward to our continued work. Thank you both so much!"

Sincerely, Rayna

by Lisa on Staged Homes New Jersey

"Hi Gail, Good news. We sold our place at 84 Austin Street. Just had the inspection yesterday so I think it is a done deal. You will be happy to hear, the couple that bought it had made an offer of 340 before the staging. After the staging they really liked the dining room set up and we ended up getting 347. So you helped us get more!!!! Give me a call and let me know when you would like to de-stage."

Thanks Lisa

by Dorothea & Gene on Staged Homes New Jersey


The house is BEAUTIFUL!! We never could have done half as good a job as you two did. (And we did actually try, even with help from relatives..lol)

Dorothea told me tonight " I really love this kitchen now. I wish I could have it myself". The living room is sooo much bigger and I have to tell you, my sister and brother in law came over as well as their real estate agent (a real spunky hot potato - reminded us of you two!) with her husband and the 6 of us sat on the V shaped couch arrangements and talked about the wonderful staging, the magnificence of the house, the quality of your work and how this older spunky German real estate agent absolutely felt that ever cent we spent for the staging was worth it. (Unlike the previous agent we told you about).

You are both incredible and we loved meeting you, working with you and enjoying the result of your talent and inspiration. Your love of the house has inspired us because we had had it hanging around our necks for a year now and didn't know what to do with it. You motivated us to take quick and decisive action just through your sheer cheerfulness, positivity and genuine love of the house and what you do.

We are meeting with the spunky agent, Helga, again tomorrow and will likely sign with her before noon. She understands the house, its feathers, the kind of clients who would appreciate it and pointed out things about the house that even we weren't aware of. Your ideas for bringing the "outdoors in" is noticed by everyone. (I even took off all the screens in the windows throughout the house because they muddy the views, and we want people to see those views.

It was wonderful to meet you. It is a pleasure to know you.

Please send us the before/after pictures. Everyone we know wants to see them and I know they will all be as excited as we are."

Thank you again, Dorothea & Gene

by Jennifer on Staged Homes New Jersey

"Hi Gail, I picked up the key. Thank you for leaving it in the mailbox. I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you and Deb. Your ability to visualize a room and create an inviting environment for perspective buyers made a world of difference to us. Especially in this difficult market, having a home staged was well worth the minor investment. By providing the "wow" factor to our home, you differentiated our home from others. Thank you again for your expertise, vision, and professionalism. I will definitely use you to stage my next home!"


by Mr. & Mrs. Varanasi on Staged Homes New Jersey

“Your creative and innovative ideas helped transform our beautiful home into a stunning colonial. We are not only convinced that staging helped attract potential buyers but also your ideas helped sell it in a very competitive housing market.”

Mr. & Mrs. Varanasi, Marlboro, N.J.

by Cathy on Staged Homes New Jersey

"Gail & Debbie, The condo looks fantastic, thanks for a great job. We will let you know when the condo sells and give you plenty of time to de-stage."

Respectfully yours Cathy & Dennis

by Barb on Staged Homes New Jersey

"I went over to 21 Park Ave-you did a SUPER JOB!!! you made that house look so homey & warm & adorable-it looks GREAT!!! I am really impressed!!!! I saw that house a few years back when the owner died & the kids asked me to come over to do a CMA-WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! The house looks absolutely great!!! "

Barb K.

by Deb on Staged Homes New Jersey

Hi Gail & Deb,

“Thank you for all your input. Vin and I went shopping and took a lot of your advice. We bought a standing light for the living room, some cranberry pillows, moved our lamps in the bedroom and took the leaves out of the kitchen table. All those little changes (that I would of never thought of doing) made a nice improvement Again thanks for you help and your knowledge”

Warm Regards,Deb

by Harry on Staged Homes New Jersey

"Hello Gail and Debra, Harry Hutchison here. You did a consultation for us at 8 E. Jack St. in Hazlet last April or May. Just getting settled in our new place in Mount Laurel. Just wanted to let you know we sold the house first weekend on the market with multiple offers. We found your advice to be a major part of our success in this very difficult market. Thanks for your help.”

Regards Harry and Susan